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Water Visibility in Mendocino?


NorCal DiverDave:
Anybody been in, on or near the water this week. Wondering what the visibility is like from the rain runoff?
The ocean looks like it is going to flatten out this Fri and Sat.
Also is Albion campground open?

Albion should be open - I stayed there for Thanksgiving. The recreational docks are parked in the lagoon for the winter. Kayak launch is probably also closed for the winter. Might be worth a call anyway (707) 937-0606

Water color looked killer today, but it was rough so I didn't dive.  As it lays down and stops washing away the sediment we will see how this weekend pans out, but I would guess it will be nice saturday.  Albion was open last weekend.

NorCal DiverDave:
Thanks for the reply's!

Dove Albion Friday, 'It was a little sporty' Should have dove Saturday, 'much nicer'.
5 foot swells mixed with some 2 foot swells made for a choppy surface but at the bottom '60 feet' it was nice. 15 to 20 foot vis.

Campground is open but only half the spaces because of Covid. 

Made am evening dive in mendo yesterday, viz was 8-12 ft. Swell was 3-5ft NW so south facing coves were choice. I might try to get out again this weekend with this low pressure system moving in.


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