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Baja December 2018


Hey all,

Currently looking to add an additional diver to a Baja blue water trip planned for December. Charter dates are December 16, 17 and 18 with Pistoleros. Currently on the roster is myself, Ryang85, and 2 others.

We will be diving sea of Cortez, and targeting wahoo, Dorado, yellowtail and other pelagic fish. We have a comfy beach side air bnb locked in located an hour outside of la paz. If your interested in a cheap blue water spearfishing trip, give me a holler and I'll provide you with more details.

This sounds like so much fun but I'm doing some blue water in Hawaii just a few days later and would def not get approval from the wife =P

Awesome invite and sounds like a decently cheap trip! I'm curious what cost is? Feel free to PM me.

Reggae Shark:
I'll be down in the area during those dates and am interested in possibly hooking up.



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