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STOLEN - RIFFE - Mahogany Competitor Series - #00 with yellow bands


Hi all,

My buddies car was broken into this weekend and they lifted his gun. Fingers crossed this pops up on CL or FB.  Its a pretty small gun - 27"  in decent shape.  Shoot me a DM if you happen to come across something suspicious!  Much appreciated!

Sorry to hear >:(will let you know if I spot one, theives such, recently had my work truck stolen, emptied and abandoned in Antioch. Doesn’t feel good, sign of the times I suppose.
Buckle up!

Thanks for the kind words.  He lucked out, the fuzz found the car about a block and a half away, and he had about 2k$ in other fishing/surfing gear they left.  Just your typical Santa Cruz tweakers.  "Hey look a gun, neat"


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