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Sinus Infections

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Hey All,

I'm now recovering from my third sinus infection in two years and am curious if anyone else has related experience  I worry I'm going to build a resistance to antibiotics and would like to explore more preventative techniques.  I tried to use other methods than antibiotics to recover, but the infection just builds until I am incapacitated with migraines. It seems amoxicillin (antibiotic) is the key to recovery. 

I have been using ear drops after diving, is there any merit to using ear plugs?


I'd recommend checking the sinuses for polyps. Removing those will make it much easier for your sinuses to get cleansed and thus infections will have less chances to set in.

The ear plugs are more for helping with clearing on the way down due to pressure. They keep warmer water inside your ear which allows your Eustachian tubes to equalize more freely. I do know a couple people that put Vaseline on cotton balls and stuff them in their ears when the bacteria levels are higher. I can't speak to the infection part as I've thankfully not yet experienced it.

I'm sure a ENT type doc would be the best advice giver.

I recently had sinus and ear issues and have prevented them with these procedures;

Use ear drops after each dive.
Flush sinuses with nedi pot and saline.
Dry ears with hair dryer if needed.
Blow nose up to 10 times a day.
All these and more are referred to in the Manual To Free diving.
I use ear plugs and would highly recommend them as they warm up the water preventing extosis and large amounts of water on the ear.

Establish a good relationship with a head/neck doc. 

Thanks, I'll try your recommendations and report back.


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