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DAN hotline for ANY dive injury


Joshua R.:
Join DAN to support services like this that are free to divers. 
Using the DAN Emergency Hotline

Whenever you need help, DAN is here. DAN's medical staff is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to handle diving emergencies such as decompression sickness, arterial gas embolism, pulmonary barotrauma or other serious diving-related injuries.

The DAN Emergency Hotline also serves as the access point to the DAN TravelAssist membership benefit. When you are traveling more than 50 miles from home and need to access your TravelAssist benefits, including medical evacuation and prescription assistance, all you need to do is call the DAN Emergency Hotline, and we’ll help facilitate the help you need.

When you call the DAN Emergency Hotline:

Your call will be answered by a live person. Give that person a brief description of your emergency, and your call will be routed to the resource best qualified to assist you.
DAN's medical staff may make an immediate recommendation or request to call you back after making arrangements with a local physician, the DAN Regional Coordinator, the appropriate TravelAssist contact, or any number of DAN’s other resources. DAN does not hesitate to reach out to its network to provide the best possible assistance.
If a call-back is necessary, please wait by the phone while arrangements are made. The resources may take 30 minutes or more to coordinate, as several pieces and calls may be required. The delay will not place the person in any greater danger, and DAN will call you as soon as the appropriate arrangements are made.
If your emergency is life-threatening, call 911 (or the local equivalent), or get the individual to the nearest medical facility. Medical professionals will be better able to stabilize the person and assess his or her condition. Once 911 is activated, call DAN for additional assistance or to consult with the local medical provider.

NorCal DiverDave:
Even though I dont dive much I have it. Cheap and covers a lot. Used it a couple of times. It kicks in after your regular insurance pays out.


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