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Suggestion's for next months dive!


    My suggestion is for good old Ocean cove. My reason is that it is a home port for most of us and recognized by most of the dive community as a popular place. Also its easy on the pocket book and very family friendly. There is also tons of access to many dive locations for all forms of divers from scuba to freediving and there is a boat launch ;)

I second that. It's only 18 miles by boat from my favorite 10 inch honey hole.

Hi, new to the group but this caught my eye. I am guessing there is a monthly meetup to get underwater. Where can I find the details of when/where/how? I'd love to join to get a feel for gear, experince, and area knowledge. Seems like this would be a great way.

Thank you,
~ JJ Briggs

Welcome aboard.

You dug up an 11 year old post. There is no monthly meet up anywhere. If you feel like running up to Mendocino this weekend, I will be in Caspar. You can try Caspar RV Park for camping. The diving isn’t very good as the purple urchin have taken over Most of the north state, but I can give you some instruction on gear and technique. Caspar is a decent place to start working on your diving.


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