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I want to say thank you to everyone that is investing their time, products and services to this Catch and Cook event. If you haven't signed up yet, do it! I'm amazed at some of the brands that are getting behind us and the call to ocean conservation. Just so you know, there is a beach clean up for all the non-divers with amazing non-dive related prizes as well as really great raffle prizes too. That means invite your family and friends! If you really don't want to compete in the cooking portion, there will also be a heaviest fish prize but we encourage you to try to do the cooking side of it too. We will have a Gyotaku presentation for everyone as well including Gyotaku art from pros around the US including the extremely talented and world renowned Dwight Hwang (

If you're looking for a reason to dive Monterey on November 9th, prizes and raffle items include things like: Sit on top pedal driven kayak; $700 carbon fiber fins; Pathos roller guns; custom freedive suit (so it will be sure to fit you); high end chef knives; dive lights; fish art; high end seafood restaurant certificates; float lines; etc. The list keeps growing!

I'm also commissioning a ridiculously rad 1st place trophy but it's a secret  :-*
Just last week Danny Abbruzzese signed on as the head judge on the judge panel. He is the executive chef at Portoal Hotel and Spa - arguably the nicest place you can stay in Monterey.

PREMIER SPONSORS ($500+ donation)
Bamboo Reef
Dwight Huang
Monterey Bay Kayaks

Sushi Fly
West Marine
Stone Creek Kitchen
Princeton Tec
Shun Cutlery (Kai USA)
Big Sur Adventures
Portola Hotel and Spa
Kimera Spearfishing Company
Yak Attack
Monterey Bay Restaurant Equipment
and more!

I'd love help finding more people to donate. Feel free to post this flyer in your local dive shop or share on social #montereycatchandcook


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