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my new toy!!!

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Joe Mag:
Giggity giggity!!:D   Finally got my new camera and Ikelite U/W housing!!

I got the Canon SD980IS. shoots HD video and has a super wide angle lens so i don't have to buy the wide angle lens for the u/w housing.  even though i spent a little extra on a better camera, i still saved $150 over-all. Even if i did get the wide angle lens attachment, it wouldn't be any wider than it already is.

I took 2 pics. one from my new camera vs the one i bought just last year. the cameras are the exact same distance from the monitor.

this is with the regular camera.

this is with the new camera!

And i swear that both settings were exactly the same on both cameras when i took the pics.

Hoping to try it out on a dive this weekend. I'll post the videos once they're done.

Just in case anyone is wondering what camera i used to take the pic of the u/w housing and camera, its a Nikon D50 SLR.

Nice toy  :thumbsup:

 Thats sweet. Just seeing it makes me want one

You have any videos? I use a flip video with underwater housing.  The first dive I took it out, it flooded and trashed the camera.
It's good to 30 feet but I worry when I get even close to 20 feet.  Thinking about getting a better camera that can withstand deeper waters.

Red Abalone Diving:
If you don't mind what did the package set you back?


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