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ANY of you guys with U/W cameras  mind  answering a few  simple question? Im thinkin about buying one it the future, im thinking about one in the$4oo range and a housing, ive already found one or two choices ,my ? is about how long does the ones you use record video  and do you  mount it on your gun  most of the time,do you use it hunting on scuba?

floyd call me after 8pm and I will explain what i know the person I would recomend pm'ing is frakinshiny he is all into photog.

Depending on what you really hope to achieve and how nice of photo's you want, you will probably have to spend quite a bit more than $400!!! But again, it depends on what you're hoping for, do you want pictures or video or BOTH? If both, then get ready to join my world of thousands of dollars worth of photo and video gear. Unless you're happy with crappy natural light photo's and lousy quality video's, then you could get a small housed camera that will shoot video for a few minutes as well, for around $350-$400, but your options will be limited and I would recommend waiting until you could spend at least a thousand, at least!

Hey Matt i didnt see this post  un till xmas,divin_cali im not looking to be a pro photographer  just something  for fun and maybe get some pics of buddies in the water, i know i wont spend thousands, ive seen a few videos and post on the other board  that  looked  good enough for me,In time  ill get one,thanks for the info.

I've got a Canon SD630 from a few years ago that I picked up a Canon housing for. I used it tons in the Pacific and gots lots of awesome pictures, but the lighting etc there worked with me. Most of the smaller point-and-shoot cameras nowadays work pretty well for what you're looking for, and you can get a few really good ones with an underwater mode (basically a software red-filter) for under 200, and a good 120'-rated housing for another hundred. I think for most hobby/non-serious use, you run into a diminishing returns situation after you spend about what you're looking for ie 400, since having to tote around strobes and a huge housing etc etc, is really prohibitive, especially when you've got a ton of other gear to lug around. One suggestion: get a Pelican case for the housing. Those clear plastic housings can get scratched pretty easily.


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