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New board added for the photog's and underwater video.

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--- Quote from: matt mattison on August 18, 2009, 09:16:07 PM ---Mike ask and you shall receive, I created it the last night after you left.

--- End quote ---
Yep, you are the best man! You are as solid as they come brutha!

You to mike as well as the rest of the guys and gals that I know in this club.

Stacy Stephenson:
Hey Mike, I'm new here to the club but I would gladly join you for some photog dives, when I get my wife cert. she would love to join in also. Can you suggest a good inexspensive digital cam?

Like I mentioned, I'm not up to date on digital photography, when the time comes, you bet your butt I will learn fast! But for now, I'm still shooting with the film system Nokonos V. However, Diverchix or Tessa was using a neat little set up on our dive in Albion. PM her and see what she thinks! Anyone else that can add to this?

I've seen alot of divers using the Canon G9 or oven the G10 with a housing. I just saw the G9 at Fry's for ~ $430. I've heard alot of good reviews on that camera. My $.02.


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