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New board added for the photog's and underwater video.

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so two of my buddies that couldnt make it with us during labor day went diving near ocean cove and recorded a few of their dives with an underwater wrist camcorder they have.. i was blown away by the quality of the video and the cost is really low! at about $140 it runs off of two AAA batteries and records at 5 megapxls up to 30 meters.... ill try to find out the make and model and post a link soon. it has several useful modes... video, still, 3 shot burst and it will even take a shot every 2 seconds until you tell it to stop.

cool eh?

i am going to try get them to upload the video here.. why they arent members boggles my mind.. i talk about this site constantly.

Yeah Kaveh, get that info. That sounds like something that may go on my Christmas list.

Yeah, I'd like to set that! Sounds quite interesting!


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