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New board added for the photog's and underwater video.

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Just to let you all know we have added a New board for the photog's and underwater video enthusiast in the club.

Fellow NCUH'ers,
     For those whom may not have been aware of it, I am very much into the photography thing! I asked Matt to have this forum created for those of us who partake in this part of the sport. During the off season from Dec. 1st - March 31st, it then becomes about photoging for me. There is always the rock fish but I personally take this time of year to polish up on the old portfolio if you will. I've been shooting with a Nikonos V and all the trimmings for almost 20 years now, I aint saying I'm an expert or nothing, I'm just putting it out there for those who might be into this aspect of diving. It is very rewarding and even more challenging then hunting and gathering, trust me on that. I became good at spearfishing because of learning how to stalk a fish for it's photo! I was a photog before I got into hunting and ab diving. So, when the season closes at the end of November, I'll be posting for dive buddies or gals to hit up some of my favorite spots, especially Pt. Lobos! Sadly to say, I'm not versed in digital photography, I've invested a TON of money into my film system over the years and I'm comfortable and good with it, so why fix what isn't broken. Until both my housings and strobes flood and are ruined, I will probably stick to the Nikonos V system for quite some time! Any way, I'm hoping that you digital guru's out there can add to the club in this category. I look forward to sharing in this wonderful aspect soon!
Mike Rogers

I'll be shure to post some.
I got the sealife dc800 last year, great camera if you want to take u.w. photo and video on a budget like me.

Right on Jonathan!

Mike ask and you shall receive, I created it the last night after you left.


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