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I’ve always found fish scales to be interesting.  When you hold a big one up to the light, the patterns that emerge from the translucent material are complex and fascinating, but challenging to see with the naked eye. 

I dove the Sonoma coast this past Monday with Dogpaddle, and while we had a good time the conditions were just terrible.  Most of my dives are highly productive, but all I brought home this time was a single embarrassingly small China Rockfish. 

On the upside, I brought some very fresh scales into the lab with me and put them under the microscope.  I was expecting the translucent upper portion of the scale to be the most interesting region; instead the colored membrane from where the scale attaches to the skin stole the show.  I’ve included images of one starting at 7x magnification, zooming in to 16x, 40x, 50x, and 90x.   

The China Rockfish has an incredibly complex coloration pattern that in my view makes them one of the more interesting looking rockfish.  It’s crazy to consider that the colors and patterns from the very small lower portion of the scale (in the attached images) are different on every scale, yet organize in such a way that gives the China its distinct striped and speckled look.   

This may be too nerdy for a lot of people, but to the curious I hope you’ll find this as fascinating as I do.

Very Cool,

If you could find a way to print and frame those, you'd have a nice little side gig :)

I really dig the x16 if it was touched up a bit, cropped and high res, that would look super cool on a wall as art. Thanks for posting these! I think up close photos of fish (including eyes and fins) are way neat.

Here is a fun photo that I took of a Mahi that we printed on metal 30" wide and hung in the living room in my family's house in Kona:


--- Quote from: Creatura on April 03, 2019, 09:55:02 AM ---Very Cool,

If you could find a way to print and frame those, you'd have a nice little side gig :)

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I got you covered,, check it out!

NorCal DiverDave:


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