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After 6 years of diving, I finally got a yak! May have used the Coronavirus to justify the purchase to the fam...umm food security and what have you. Totally legit purchase...right??!

Anyway, do any of you have any tips or little tricks you would recommend with regard to the rigging and set up.

Exp: Kris Cortez recommend a tow rope/bungie in case someone needs a hand or you need to be towed in. I've seen some handy stringer set ups too. Sorta thing I might not have thought or known about until need.

Side note:
Do any of y'all carry flares? I've got a registered beacon in my Banks and have a VHF that needs to be charged.


Sweet. What boat did you buy?

I don't paddle out with as much safety gear as I probably should because unloading the yak off the roof rack and rigging up in the parking lot already feels like it takes forever. I don't even bring my VHF anymore because nobody I dive with has one and I haven't actually been able to test it. Shame on me. Next time we dive I'll make an effort to learn how to use it.

Depth finder/GPS? My Hook 5 is a great tool when it works, but it seems to always fail on me. I think it's due for a replacement

Inquiring minds want to know what yak you got(aka nosey).
Congratulations, its definitely a game changer safety equipment or not.

Malibu two XL!! Fk yeah!!   ...just kidding, picked up a Tarpon 140. My main dive bud up here has one and I like the balance between speed and stability the platform offers. Too bad his is "Mango" colored in stead of the obviously cooler "Midnight Blue" That said, ZZZ that gray camo on your yak is sick.

Electronics seem useful and fun, but I enjoy the simplicity enjoyed with fairly minimal gear.  Same reason I don't dive with a GoPro. Perhaps when I'm happier with my dive form/finning/hunting and so on.

The only extras I picked up are a lighter paddle- Bending Branches Angler Classic. I was stoked with the fish ruler it has on the shaft. Some tuna clips/straps, an anchor and I'm currently looking for a tow line if anyone has suggestions.

No sneaky pro tips out there? I'm gonna have to get creative...hmm, perhaps filling the paddle shaft with grapes for epic tactical snacking ha ha ha

Dont anchor too close to pinnacles and boiler rocks and dont go out in rough conditions.
These two alone will save you hundreds in lost gear.


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