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Kayak paddle advice wanted


Hi Everyone,

I got my first yak, an Ocean Kayak Trident 11 Angler, which I’m really excited about.  I had a chance to launch out of SWS last Saturday and it was awesome to move beyond just shore dives in my own craft.  Thanks to everyone on here who’s rustled up a loaner for me in the past.

I got it used, boat only, so I need to buy a paddle.

I’m eyeing the aqua bound stingray all fiberglass paddle, which is on sale right now (online only) from REI.  I borrowed this same paddle for the SWS day (at 230 cm).

It worked just fine, my hands weren’t hitting the side of the boat or anything, but I’m curious if a 240 cm would be a better fit?

I’ve tried a number of online calculators and they are all over the place, though most land at either 230 or 240cm.

Is that much of a difference or am I splitting hairs?

My yak is kinda short and wide at 11.5’ x 30.5”.  I’m a little over 6’, and my torso height is 32.5”

My reach without bending my fingers is 241 cm, which would barely have a fingertip over a 240cm paddle.

Any advice would be appreciated.



I paddle a narrower tarpon and use a 240.

I use a 240 as well.

I like the longer padde because I can use a lower profile more relaxed paddling technique.

Thanks for the advice, I went with the 240cm.



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