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Scupper pro hatch kit question

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I have a scupper pro with a single hatch in the front and a blank in the rear. I see they sell a hatch kit for the rear. If I add the hatch kit will it mess up the kayak in anyway structurally? This kayak would be a second boat and used as a bribe tool to get a dive buddy out in the water, so I don't want it cracking in half and sinking....ha.haha. thanks

Send a picture

Does it have the tank well in the back (Scupper Pro TW)?  If not, it probably has the outline of the hatch (but just hasn't been cut out).  It would absolutely be fine. 

I used to have both versions, and bought the kit and installed the additional hatch on the one.

It's not a TW, hopefully this pic shows up well enough..... I just wanted to make sure sawing on a perfectly good boat was o.k but I'd like the storage capacity!

What type of hatch cover does it have in front and what year is it (last two digits of the serial number indicate the year)? The later models use the "Pro Hatch" covers which are still in production and are widely available. The older models have hatch covers that have been discontinued for quite some time.


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