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Avon inflateable for sale


If any one is looking to buy a inflateable -I look at another forum a guy on there is trying to sell an Avon  inflatable you can go there and check it out , Sorry i dint know how to transfer the  info from one site to this one.  Look at boats for sale on that forum.

Here ya go:


Thanks Kelphammer but i put the wrong site that the add is in my bad
The Avon for sale is on the ImHooked .com web site . sorry

Brandon Turknett:
heres the info on the boat, youl find it on the second page at fishsniffer.comsounds like hes got alot of stuff. theres a contact button on the bottom of the page
Avon inflatable dive boat
Avon inflatable,10ft w/ trailer EZ to load. 30 hp merc. seapro about 6hrs on motor like new,garage stored hard floor,dive 3 people and gear easy, extras included. 3.000 OBO. Also alot of dive gear,tanks,BCs,regs,spear guns ect. alot of misc.


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