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Is it frowned upon to spear Wolf Eel? 

The meat is great in my opinion! But they eat urchins. So with the urchin problem going on I figure it's good to let 'em live to rid more urchins.

A couple years ago I was given chance to spear a HUGE Wolf Eel. It was at least 6ft long, swam under me, then went into a hole and started munching urchins. At the time I wasn't sure of the legality to take it so I left him. Upon researching, it's legal. But after further thought I don't know if it is ethical.

I'm curious of others' opinions.

If its legal to take it and you want to eat it, DO IT! 
who cares what others think
I have never shot one, but others enjoy them.

I dont shoot them, it's bad luck. But I've been out with people that do. So up to you. If you want that bad luck, go for it.

I wouldn't take one, mostly because they live 25+ years and mate for life.  They're also kinda cool, you can return to the same hole and they'll usually still be there.  They also eat urchin, like you said.  Don't think we need to be wiping out the few things that eat urchin.

But it's legal, so you can make your own choice.  Maybe they taste good enough to be worth it?  Never tasted one...

Derek, I'm not superstitious, but I don't mess with superstitions either. Kinda like bananas or whistling on a boat. I don't mess with that "bad luck" stuff.

Yea Tez, that was my thinking.
I've tasted them after that incident and I really liked it. Granted it was only about 4ft long. The meat was similar to ling cod but a little stiffer.
That one must've been full on adult so probably as old as I was at the time. They also have gnarly jaws and teeth that could do damage if it got a hold of you.


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