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Is this going to be a big enough boat

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So I've been looking at buying a dive boat and found a great deal on a 11' zodiak with 20hp motor with trailer for $1500. My main question is will that be a big enough boat to handle are ocean conditions here on the north coast any input would be amazing thank you.
Dive safe


I have 12' Zodiac RIB Yatchline (YL 340DL) with 30hp engine/ w. console.  My boat can handle total 2 people with gears comfortably and 3 people tightly.  I  would not go out during rough conditions but during calm days it would be fine.

I've done some tank diving and freediving off an 11' zodiac. It's good with two people. Gets tight with three.

Put a hydrofoil on it and you're good to go.

I have an 11' SIB Zodiac with 15hp 2 stroke. It dives 2 very comfortably, 3 is doable but tight. It handles rough conditions surprisingly well and is quite stable. Id say, if its rough, choose wisely if its worth going out or not. If you find yourself out there in rough conditions make sure you're wearing wet-suits just in case things go south. VHF Radio is a must. I'll confidently head 6-7 miles up or down the coast with 2 people on a nice day.

Thanks for all the feed back


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