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Slow leak from Zodiac recessed air valve


Inebriated Ichthyologist:
Hello all,

My Zodiac (Mark II) has a slow leak coming from one of the recessed air valves.  I replaced with a new valve, however the leak is still present. Just a slow one, which is more pronounced when you sit on the sidewall. 

I have done some initial research and came across something on a blog which stated that slow leaks from the air valves are not uncommon, and that tightening the cap should resolve the issue.  I have not tried this yet.

Has anyone here experienced this issue?  Suggestions, fixes?

Thank you.

The Inebriated Ichthyologist.

phil herranen:
Also add a light film of silicone grease to the sealing surfaces helps

Rick W:
First this is make sure the sealing surfaces are clean. Sometime you have a little junk that interferes with the seal. After it's clean, then apply a little silicone grease.

Tightening the cap is pretty airtight also.

Good luck.


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