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Heading down to Monterey next month for the fii class. Anyone know of any cheap but decent places to stay?

Cheap in Monterey? Good one.

Lone Oak Lodge. Reasonable and diver-friendly. 

There are some cheap hotels on Fremont st.  Look them up online and call the desk. Don't call those booking sites they jack the prices up.

If your looking for a cheaper place the further you move out away from Monterey the better.  Salinas is gonna be the cheapest but its a 25-30 min drive on a good day and the savings may not be worth it.  Sea Side would be your next bet. But most times they are just as expensive cause they know they got you.  Your better off staying in Monterey and paying a little extra if you can afford it.  Sometimes you can find a deal at the smaller, older hotels up on Munras Ave.....good luck


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