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Catch & Cook Competition November 9th

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Very cool concept!

I'M BLOWN AWAY that after putting the Catch and Cook event out publicly last week, we already have insane sponsors like Omer with huge buy in from Bamboo Reef and Monterey Bay Kayaks, and ridiculous prizes like a sick fishing kayak, roller guns, custom freedive suits, and have been featured on multiple forums/blogs like Noob Spearo Podcast, DeeperBlue, and Adreno (article coming out soon). For a simple idea at first, this thing sure blew up fast. I'll start personally thanking sponsors on this page and various other platforms next week. Stay tuned for all the rad gear and prizes we're getting!

Make sure you sign up if you haven't already! Facebook Event Link   Event Bright Event Link

Sounds crazy fun! I will do my best to be there!

With a name like yours, you better! haha. Let me know if you have any questions about the event

Hey Eric I might have to come down and just join you for the day events and dive, as I can shoot fish but I cannot cook it !!!!


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