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Catch & Cook Competition November 9th

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Running short on time right now or I'd explain better. Meeting a buddy for dynamic pool training.

Take a look at the facebook event page - I've kept most of the updates on there. We have tons of sponsors, massive amount of prizes for divers (pescador pilot kayak, custom freedivesuits, roller guns, regular guns, dive watch, carbon fins... you name it) and beach clean up prizes (non dive related prizes like dinners for 2 at steakhouses). So bring your friends to participate (beach clean up is free to participate and you can still win prizes or buy raffle tickets). Omer just sent me two 90 guns, 4 masks and some rubber dive belts too on friday night.

You can read more about it on the Adreno blog they posted about it 

Facebook events page

Hope to see you there! PM me with any questions


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