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Caspar cave dive

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Last Friday me and Jason were heading back from a dive when he found the entrance to this large cave in less than 10' of water. He grabbed a few scallops out of it but couldn't get to the back. I went out yesterday and on the way in from diving I found it and checked it out. Couldn't get to the back either. It bugged me all night so this morning I got up early and took my tank out to do some cave diving exploration. Didn't go back or branch off incredibly far, but was still pretty awesome that there was this big cave you could drive a car in right in 10' of water that i've swam right by dozens and dozens of times.

I swam to the back, turned around and cut my light. Life as a human ling cod haha. At the back of the cave the force of the waves hitting the entrance was intense. Like feeling the shockwave of a very close explosion. It was so intense it was almost impossible to inhale from my regulator during the pulses. It would just cut out mid inhale. Thought it was stuck or out of air the first attempt and exited. Took a minute to realize and get used to what it was.

There wasn't much life in there minus the few scallops and dozens of jingles. After I left the cave I went shell hunting and found a GPO. Of course I finally find one out and about and i'm on scuba (Only the second time i've brought a tank out). Harassed him for a while. When he swam away a ling came out after him. For a brief moment I thought I was going to capture an ling stalking and eating an octopus on film, but I think he saw me and got a bit nervous and didn't eat it.

Very cool thanks for sharing cheers!

Super cool video

So much fun playing with your food. 

I don't go in caves but always wonder if they hold the rare 12" abalone.  I was told about all the people that die in them trying to get big lobsters in so cal.  And all the caves up here Matt has already cleaned out. 

Very cool video and awesome cave and find !!!! this has to be one of the best and most entertaining vids that I have seen in awhile and love the theme music

--- Quote from: DG on August 25, 2016, 07:17:51 AM ---And all the caves up here Matt has already cleaned out.

--- End quote ---


No there are still tons of good caves I have not got to.


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