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Scooby dooby doo


NorCal DiverDave:
Scooby dooby doo.....where are you.....we have some fish to spear now.
Dove 40 to 60 feet with 15 to 20 foot visibility in some cold ass water.
Dropped right into the middle of a school of about 100 black rockfish with a few big ones lurking within. Below them are some reds and lingcod swimming around the rocks.
Piles of boulders with lots of good hiding places and massive pinnacles I could swim in between.
I did see a few scallops and crabs but did not have my dive bag, oh well.
Speared limits of lings and reds. Am I reading the regulations correctly, 5 reds, 10 of any rockfish, including blacks and cabs? Still 2 ling at 22". Mendocino area.
The fish were spooky, just looking at them sent them flying. Had to get them in the rocks or get stealthy on them, made for some fun sport. Probably did not help that a sea lion was working the area.

My wife made a sauce with Tequila, butter, lemon, garlic, cilantro, parsley and old bay seasoning. Put it on the red rockfish with some rice and mmmMMMmmm.

Hey! Anybody want to go scuba diving, weekdays, when the ocean is flat calm, 'under 2 foot swells and no wind' give me a holler.

Thanks for the report Dave!


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