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Lost fishing licence and abalone report card

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A buddy and I were at Timber cove two weeks ago fishing on his new (used) Hobie peddle kayaks.  After a productive day of fishing, we decided to go into 9" cove to finish out the day with abalone.  With all the hassle of him not putting his hatch cover on, me coming back to shore to find his kayak about 15 yards off shore listing heavily to the starboard side, getting it back to shore, draining the water out, finally got our sh!t together, by the time we got back to the Timber Cove Beach, I realized I didn't have my waterproof licence and ab punchcard container.  (Good thing the warden wasn't around) If found please drop me a line or mail it back.  I have my receipt but, unfortunately don't thinks I can replace the punch card.

I belive if you go to DFG and fill out an afdavid you can get another one. 2 years ago when I lost mine I just went down and bought another one, but to keep honest I only took 8 abalone since that is what I had left on my other /old card. but it is a good idea to make a photo copy of it to show dfg.

Drag about your ppw, that's a hassle!  How was the diving at 9" cove?  Always wanted to check it out.

I have dove their a few times was not impressed !

Lots of ab's but 9"ers are scarce!


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