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Found a pnuematic speergun

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Well I was diving mendocino yesterday and found a mares cyrano gun. If anyone lost it please let me know with a description and the accessories it has on it. it looks to be pretty new.

not mine, but kudos for you to be looking for its owner.

Yeah I lost a weight belt once at ocean cove and when I went back to shore with my 1 ab ( lost my belt ) a few guys on scuba asked how I did, I told them I was done because I lost my weight belt. I walked back to camp and about 30 min later they found me and got my belt back. Since then I will always do what I can to help.

That will bring you good diving Karma for trying to find it's owner. Kudos.

Man i have lost so many things, lost buddys spear pole  just around the north corner of Albion cove, and his flashlight just south of Albin cove , i have lost  several of my own items but  the dive buddy has retrieved all my  lost stuyff but not his lol,I would try to return any founds gear  too.


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