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Missing my sealife camera from the Albion trip when I came home hoping someone picked it up.

phone# 707-291-4267

Thanks Paul W

Oh crap! Dude, so sorry to hear. I lost a brand new Mares X Vision black skirt mask and clear snorkel. Divers tend to be straight shooters for the sake of good Karma, but I think whomever has your camera and my mask, will most likely be celebrating a find instead of looking for the owners. Again, so sorry to hear, your camera costs a bunch more than my mask did, being a photog myself, I'm crying inside for you brother! I sure hope someone comes up with it!

Sorry to hear about the lost gear hopefully someone comes forward with it.

 Thats a bummer sorry to hear about that.

Hope your camera shows up, and when it does, put your name, phone number and email address on a piece of paper inside of your case.  Best of luck.


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