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Found- Pathos spear only, no gun, at Fisk Mill cove


Miguel Swalikov:
...And that's all she wrote!

My buddy Tyler thinks that his. Its for his 60cm gun and had green mono attached to white spectra reel line. He had to cut it off....

Miguel Swalikov:
Sounds like a winner to me! I'm in santa rosa, let me know how you'd like to pick it up. Or if you'd rather, you can paypal me and I can fedex it. My shop ships so you can PM me your address and I can give you a shipping estimate if you want.  I think I'm diving near salt point as well this weekend of 28th if you happen to be around there.

Awesome, thanks Miguel. I'm gonna just have my buddy get in contact with you since its his shaft. He lives in Napa, I don't know how he wants to go about getting it. Thanks again!


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