keeping abs in the freezer

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remember, they must be retained whole, and in the shell, even when frozen.  That means when Gamey stops by to check the freezer, they cannot be gutted.

also, one limit per household member is OK


How many abalone in the freezer?
Question: I have been an abalone diver for nine years now and always keep my abalone frozen in my freezer to enjoy until the next year’s harvest. I am hearing mixed messages about the rules now and am confused as to whether it’s legal to do that. I might have anywhere between one to 20 abalone in my freezer, all still tagged with the appropriate tag. Please confirm if it is legal to keep an overlimit of tagged abalone in my home. (Bill D.)

Answer: The limit is actually three abalone per day and in possession. This means that legally, one individual can have no more than three abalone in their possession (at the dive site, at home, in your vehicle, in your freezer, etc.) at one time.

You can still give away your abalone to friends or family members living in the same house with you. Each person may have no more than three abalone in their possession at any time.

The way I read the regs, you can take it out of the shell to eat part of it, and freeze the rest. You can't transport it out of the shell, though.

The regs say that you can't take it out of the shell until immediate consumption, but do not regulate what you can do with extra unconsumed/unprepared abalone other than prohibiting transportation.

You both are busted.....
Must be in shell always
Even saving dog lip for bait/shashimi in freezer will get you busted, teqnically.

Weather you will ever be searched is one thing but the guy in article had 20 frozen in shell abs, a 7 person house minimum for that load

I'm sure there are some of Ncuwh who have been warned/harrassed by rangers  about having leftovers at your campground.....

I have still never gotten a 100% DFG issued OK to use ab part/gut for bait, but I am not worried about it...  I use the gut under the ” it was prepared for immediate human consumption, followed by immediate fish consumption....

Let's read the regulations on shells, consumption, and transportation:

14 CCR § 29.15(g) Abalone Possession and Transportation: Abalones shall not be removed from their shell, except when being prepared for immediate consumption.

Does this prohibit freezing out of the shell? No
Does this prohibit transporting out of the shell? No

This only prohibits removing the abalone from the shell for anything other than immediate consumption. As long as the abalone meat was removed from the shell for immediate consumption (i.e. you actually ate some of the abalone) there are no restrictions on what you can do with your leftovers. PRACTICALLY SPEAKING, you'd be stupid to drive down HWY 1 on a low tide weekend with any abalone parts out of the shell for whatever reason. It just invites a bad experience, appropriate or otherwise.


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