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I know the topic of Poachers and illegal diving and fishing act's on the coast so I thought I would post a little info that would be helpful to all of us. When you see an illegal act going on you can allway's call the DFG 24-hour CalTip line at (888)334-2258. I would also recommend telling any state park employee or ranger or even call the local sheriff. Be sure to get a Vehicle lic number and make and model as well all the info will help them catch these s.o.b's.

 Thanks for the post matt as we all know the poaching of our coast is a huge problem and as divers that spend so much time on our coast and in the water we see things so it is our responsibility to help stop the destruction so if anyone see's something that they deem suspicious or illegal dont feel bad about doing your part to help.....

                            Jason Holliday

I once called CALTIP to report a dude pulling baby abs from a cove and eating them raw on the beach..i had never seen like it, then or since.  he was pulling little 2-3" abs off the shallows and just diving face deep into them eating them raw... munching a few bites while it was still alive and then throwing them back into the ocean.  i turned to my dive buddy and both of us were in disbelief.  We tried to tell him that he cant be doing that but the dude didnt seem to speak english or simply didnt care cause he just kept doing what he was doing. we were just getting out of the water and as we drove past Timber Cove we saw a ranger and pulled over and told him what we saw.. he thanked us and drove off. i have no idea what happened, but come on~ thats what ab farms are for not the pacific ocean!


Our local ace reporter at the Fort Bragg Advocate News, Frank Hartzell,  wrote a story about abalone poachers last year. He was walking his dogs along the coast after dark and saw guys come out of the water with scuba gear and acting nervous. He called cal-tip, but "only got a answering machine".

So he wrote a whole story in the paper about the details. He railed against DFG for having no staff to answer his call.

And now, the rest of the story:

The local wardens read Frank's article and used the details to stake out the location. The poachers showed up again, at night.


63 abalone. Felony case with multiple perps with priors.

BTW, Mendocino County used its F&G fine money to buy the wardens a set of night vision goggles. Yo, nighthawk poachers in Mendocino County: there is currently $30,000 dollars worth of night vision equipment out there.


Do not accost suspected poachers. Observe carefully.

What makes you suspicious?

What time of day?

How many individuals, and give descriptions?

License plate numbers?

Take notes. Call 1-800-CALTIP. If you get a recording, relay as much of the details you can on the machine.

As DFG Chief of Enforcement Nancey Foley explained it to me, "Jim, every dog has his day. The poachers you see one time will probably think they got away with it, and try it again. They are not that bright and the wardens will get them eventually. CALTIP works. Without the support and cooperation from the public, our job would be impossible."

Diver Dan:
Thanks for the tip #.  We should add it to our phone books.  Had my friend Peter had that number, maybe he would have called in some ab poachers he saw in Stinson rather than done what he decided to do which was set fire to their boat.


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