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Free dive and Spearfishing Seminar by Dan Silviera at Ronert Park Bam Boo Reef.

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Spearfishing Seminar

   Sonoma Coast Bamboo Reef Dive Center and Noorcal underwater hunters and Redwood empire divers is proud to announce that West Coast Spearfishing Champion Dan Silviera will hold a seminar for select Bamboo Reef customers on Saturday March 27th.  Dan, who is a member of the US International Spearfishing Team, has been training with Martin Stepanek from Freediving Instructors International in Florida.  Dan is the youngest competitor ever to win the Pacific Coast championships three years in a row.  This remarkable diver and hunter will visit Bamboo Reef to share his incredible wealth of knowledge about freediving, spearfishing and international competition.  The seminar starts at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 27th.  Admission is $20, but all proceeds will be donated to the US Spearfishing team for their attempt at the 2010 Worlds Tournament in Croatia.  Call now to sign up for the seminar before all the spots are sold out (S.C. Bamboo Reef Phone # 707-586-0272) Web

The seminar will include: (3.5 hour presentation)

How to increase your breath hold.

Facts and info about the human physiology



A journey down the coast of California to Global travel that will cover:

What kind of gear to use

Size speargun

Tips for successful spearfishing

And much more more.

Feel free to read more about Dan Silveira on his website:

I have allready signed up and wil be attending. So dont wait to get singed up.

If you can you need to go. It is definitely worth the money.

I will be there hope to see some you there as well.

I was waiting on my buddy to come back from Hawaii to sign up and waited a bit too long and have found myself on a waiting list. I was just wondering how many ncuh members are attending this event?

I believe there are about 6 or 7 seven of us.


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