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Scuba dive report and ocean conditions, Sonoma.

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NorCal DiverDave:
Me and Mike did 2 tanks out of his boat Wednesday 4-20 to take advantage of the nice conditions that we have not seen in months.
I was finally able to try out my new speargun I got from Mike N. "MAN Mid-handles".The gun has good range and accuracy. I was not used to the range and shot the shaft clean through many of the fish.
I saw over 10 legal lingcod. Shot 3, the best was 37”-14lb. Two reds 19”-6lb. And a few blues.
The highlight of the dive was when I shot a blue rockfish on the way up and let the fish drop down with the spear shaft through it, I felt a tug on the gun and I thought it was stuck in the rocks, I looked down to see a lingcod was holding on to it.
After dropping off the tanks and regulator's we went back to get a few abalone 8” to 9”
Weather and ocean conditions were nice, 5 foot visibility at 40 feet and 20 foot vis at 60 t0 70 feet. Mild swells and strong surface currants.

That's a lot of fish.  Thanks for sharing.  I still won't shoot a fish on scuba.  I just like being able to look longer. Now I know I have to dive deeper to get better vis up here. 

Ty for the report, nice fish. 

That's like saying I wouldn't shoot a 45" ling on scuba.  Could be a real conflict in my brain and I may end up shooting it. I think you would go home with the red if you saw it. 

Nice fish. Like to try it on scuba some day.


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