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Re: Long Fin kick technique
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I have been using the Sea Soft vest for about 6 years now after buying it for "sore back" reasons.
I have not had any problems with kelp getting tangled on the vest, even when swimming through the thick stuff at the surface but I have to say it does make me nervous and I am extra careful to watch myself in the thick stuff (this year hasn't been a problem ::) What worries me more is getting it wedged in a cave/crack and not being able to back out.

I have not had to use the rip cord on the vest to drop the weights but have tried it on land several times with no issues. Putting the vest on while in the kayak can be tricky and I worry one day I will just drop the dang thing.
I can also hook the rope from the kayak up to the vest and then pull it up the beach "hands free"

All that being said, when I bought the vest I was still using a SCUBA suit and not diving very deep, which meant using almost double the weight I use now, so I am thinking I will go back to the belt and bullet weights. The vest does make you much less streamlined and it also lets bubbles out and other noises (not a big deal up here but if you are down south trying to hunt WSB it could be a problem.
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