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Aimrite Guns, My review and Blue Water adventure...
« on: November 17, 2015, 02:38:11 PM »
Made a trip to Socal with some friends and stayed on Catalina for a few days diving some nice drop offs, open water reefs and paddie hopping in search of some big yellowtail and Dorado. I had the opportunity to try out two guns that interested me, One being the 140cm King Venom open muzzle by Aimrite, and the other Being the 110cm Venom Pro Comp. Roller gun. Both guns are Lightweight, powerful and I can blast a fish with the aim of any rear handle gun.
The first fish I shot out paddie hoppin was a small yellowtail from about 20ft away and I stoned it ...BLIP...right through head(lucky shot!). The King venom is a carbon fiber rail gun with a lowprofile cuttlebone wing for stabilization and tracking. (3) 9/16" bands is enough to take out a Narwhal and if you aren't prepared the recoil can wrench your wrist. I think this gun could do well for some larger fish with or without a slip tip. I like this gun because its got a small profile and the cost is affordable for a carbon rail gun of it's size.
If you want to spend about $200 more it can be a solid crafted mono barrel, instead of a tube barrel and trigger/grip assy. The safety is located in the trigger itself and can be removed if desired. I would put this gun one step above the Rob Allen Tuna 1400 of the same size, both guns good and comparable, but The Aimrite is just a better choice for me.

The Pro's:
Lightweight, Tracks really well sideways, great range and plenty of power.
The Con's: Safety and trigger have to be depressed to reload shaft.

Next up was the 110cm Aimrite Venom Pro Competition Roller Gun. This gun is a kevlar/carbon weave  with a circular shaped barrel. I though by the power it took to load the gun that it would give me blast like a .357 and a recoil to break my wrist. That was not the case at all...
 I hopped out on a paddie and looked around.... below me was about 4 small yellow tail so I did a quick breathe up and dove down to about 25ft or so and on my descent saw two that were a little larger than the others, so I squared up, prepared myself for a kick and then.....--slunk--...  No Kick at all or very very low recoil... The shaft shot like a laser beam all the way through the fish from about 15-20ft away... I was VERY IMPRESSED. The silent killer was my favorite of the Day!!

Pro's: Very Agile, powerful, little or no recoil, tracks well, lightweight but balanced and affordable for a Carbon /kevlar Pro Comp roller gun.
Con's:  My only complaint on this gun is the safety issue, if you remove the safety, reloading the shaft is easier.

I would compare this gun to nothing at the moment because I need to spend some more time shooting rollerguns, but All I know about rollerguns at this point is that they are for me me!!

If you're interested in these guns or have any questions feel free to ask.
If you want one, or want to look at one get a hold of me via PM or call me

Jack's Diving  510.575.1190


Venom Pro(not shown with roller muzzle):
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Re: Aimrite Guns, My review and Blue Water adventure...
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2015, 03:53:55 PM »
Nice review. I saw one of the King Venom's in the shop and it looked pretty sweet.



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