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2015 Triton X Open Results
« on: September 23, 2015, 01:03:33 PM »
This year’s event proved to be even better with more pigs and more prizes than ever before. The tournament had 86 divers score. Please take a look at some of the score and fish highlights below.
We would like to thank again Caspar RV Park and Campground for providing an excellent venue and great tasting pork. Heartfelt thanks to our family and friends who volunteer their time to help make this event be a success. Also, a special thank you to Keli’s Ocean Sports for your help and our sponsors: Ocean Hunter, Yazbeck, Rob Allen, Epsealon Diving, Shark Shield, Indigo Adventures, and National Diver.
Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the Clint Koberstein Trophy. I hope to see you all on September 17, 2016.
Top Aggregate / Biggest Fish: Tim Charland (98.84 pts. / Biggest Lingcod 19.48lbs.)
2nd Place Aggregate: John Humphrey (89.74 pts.)
3rd Place Aggregate: Gabriel Humphrey (88.02 pts)
4th Place Aggregate: Tony Vau (81.06 pts. / Biggest Blue 3.18 lbs.)
5th Place Aggregate: Brent Wood (80.1 pts.)
Top Abalone: 10.5” Steve Moser
2nd Place Abalone: 10.1” Howard Grover
3rd Place Abalone: 10.08” Mike Lovell
Top Professional: Adam Sauve (93.54 pts.)
2nd Place Professional: Deke Jacobsen (80.06 pts.)
3rd Place Professional: Bob Humphrey (74.98 pts.)
Top Master: Brian Ishida (74.64 pts. / Biggest Olive 2.42 lbs.)
2nd Place Master: Steve Werlin (69.04 pts.)
3rd Place Master: Kevin Horstman (49.84 pts.)
Top Junior: Caleb Wood (51.44 pts. / Biggest Black 5.3 lbs.)
2nd Place Junior: Brayden Merrick (12.8 pts.)
3rd Place Junior: Bailey Merrick (11.4 pts.)
Top Female: Star Argo (45.7 pts.)
2nd Place Female: Kathy Cosby (42.74 pts.)
3rd Place Female: Jean Lundeen (17.6 pts.)
Top Scallop: 7.73” Gary Elwood
2nd Place Scallop: 7.22” Jeffrey Abrams
3rd Place Scallop: 6.94” Keith Perry
Biggest Cabezon: 9.92 lbs. Tyja Taube
Biggest Vermillion: 7.24 lbs. Jeffrey Abrams
Biggest Greenling: 2.46 lbs. Daniel Howell
Biggest Perch: 2.3 lbs. Dylan Taube
Jeffrey Abrams 65.84 (Biggest Vermillion)
Kylar Adams 41.14
Star Argo 45.7 (1st Place Female)
David Batt 69.84
Tom Bieri 14.6
Heath Blackwell 31.12
Skyler Blalock 14.7
Doug Boan 53.52
Kyle Bonar 23.16
Garratt Boyden 70.88
Paul Brand 75.78
Andrew Brooks 12.8
Refugio Carrasco 12.6
Bryan Chambers 48.1
Tim Charland 98.84 (Biggest Fish (Lingcod) / Top Agg)
Jim Christofferson 14.2
Danny Clark 36.02
David Cook 65.52
Kathy Cosby 42.74 (2nd Place Female)
Dylan Craig 12.76
Michael DeMaranville 35.74
Gary Elwood 58.45 (1st Place Scallop)
John Gansel 24.78
Duane Gaspard 51
Johnathan Geisler 12.4
Mike Gomez 53.92
Howard Grover 21 (2nd Place Abalone)
Kirk Halweg 49.94
Lonny Harris 13.8
James Heller 77.92
James Hernandez 12.68
Ian Hollandsworth 23.72
Richard Holve 23.6
Kevin Horstman 49.84 (3rd Place Master)
Daniel Howell 47.7 (Biggest Greenling)
Bob Humphrey 74.98 (3rd Place Pro)
Gabriel Humphrey 88.02 (3rd Place Agg)
John Humphrey 89.74 (2nd Place Agg)
Frank Hurd 14.8
Brian Ishida 74.64 (1st Place Master (Biggest Olive))
Deke Jacobsen 80.06 (2nd Place Pro)
Evan Jones 37.78
Mike Kawana 14.5
Trevor Larson 38.14
Mike Lovell 46.66 (3rd Place Abalone)
Jean Lundeen 17.6 (3rd Place Female)
Brian Maloney 17.96
David Marsac 12.2
Chris Mathews 15.4
Bailey Merrick 11.4 (3rd Place Junior)
Brayden Merrick 12.8 (2nd Place Junior)
Derek Milsaps 63.08
Joe Missick 49
Sarah Mitchel 12.64
Oriole Moeras 35.98
Steve Moser 25 (1st Place Abalone)
Derek Penn 70.12
David Penn 50.22
Kieth Perry 37.3
Andrew Peters 58.08
Chuck Petty 12
Jonathan Pini 33.52
Joe Puentes 46.28
Eric Sacht 40.76
Andrew Sanderson 48.64
David Sanderson 35.18
Anthony Sarganis 39.16
Adam Sauve 93.54 (1st Place Pro)
Farris Serio 44.9
Todd Sharbutt 35.96
Dylan Sharbutt 59.68
Patrick Spalding 63.5
Jeffrey Stewart 24.38
Lavone Stewart 12.7
Joshua Tata 36.42
Tyja Taube 42.54 (Biggest Cabezon)
Dylan Taube 24.1 (Biggest Perch)
Clayton Thornton 15.9
Brandon Torske 12.4
Tony Vau 81.06 (4th Place Agg (Biggest Blue))
Steve Werlin 69.04 (2nd Place Master)
Michael Wesselink 25.54
Brent Wood 80.1 (5th Place Agg)
Caleb Wood 51.44 (1st Place Junior (Biggest Black))
Tanner Worthington 12.44
Michael Zontos 47.7

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Re: 2015 Triton X Open Results
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2015, 04:12:59 PM »
good work all, wish i was there.
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Re: 2015 Triton X Open Results
« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2015, 08:34:50 PM »
Thanks for putting on a fun event and for having the heroes of the trophy Abalone world measuring the Abs!!



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Re: 2015 Triton X Open Results
« Reply #3 on: September 23, 2015, 08:35:02 PM »
Congrats to all the divers and everyone that put it on, looks like it was an awesome turnout and solid weigh in


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