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« on: June 13, 2015, 12:13:32 AM »
Hey all,

So have been reading a lot about fish prep lately, and came across some Japanese styles of prepping fish.  Very intrigued with this style, Ike-Jime.  TLDR, basically I feel its like what a lot of us do naturally, spear fish, use knife to brain dead them quickly. 

From wikipediea " The technique originated in Japan, but is now in widespread use. It involves the insertion of a spike quickly and directly into the hind brain, usually located slightly behind and above the eye, thereby causing immediate brain death.[2] When spiked correctly, the fish fins flare and the fish relaxes, immediately ceasing all motion. Destroying the brain and the spinal cord of the fish will prevent reflex action from happening; such muscle movements would otherwise consume Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the muscle produce lactic acid, making the fish sour. Furthermore, the blood contained in the fish flesh retracts to the gut cavity, which produces a better coloured and flavoured fillet. This method is considered to be the fastest and most humane method of killing fish.[3]"

Maybe this is why the fish we spear taste so damn good.  Comments?
Ive also heard this plays a big part in game prep too, less suffering, quicker death is less stress, which in turn is less release of chemicals into the meat, which produces a higher quality, longer lasting, tastier meat.

 video also

one more link

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Re: Ike-Jime
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Interesting post, I agree with you and this method. I used to only brain the bigger fish but now I think I'll try it on all of them, however I doubt I will ever carry a wire as shown in the video. Below is another video talking about the Ike-Jime method with just bleeding and braining them.


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