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He all I was on sven speargear shops web site and they have some real cool camera mounts for your speergun as well as allot of other great items such as suit slip and the ab pro gauge, I am going to pick up one of each style camera mounts so I can mount to either style gun as well as the good old suit slip. here is some pics of the camera mount and a link to the web site. All so just to let you all know this was one of our sponsor for the big ab event so lets try and give them some business.
link to web site:
Camera mounts.
[smg id=694]
[smg id=695]
[smg id=696]
[smg id=697]
[smg id=698]

 Thanks for the post Matt hey go back to the page and look at the ab on the table with the gauge on it with Mike R's truck in the back looks like the big ab comp 10"er we never saw????

it is my ten from the day befor the comp.

I gotta figure the only reason somebody other than Matt won the event was that he stayed out of the water the day of! 

Thanks for the promo on the mounts, Matt.  Yeah the camera clamps are pretty trick in that they don't require and drilling or BS.  Whatever you're using in the way of a gun, speargearshop has a mount for you.  That new peashooter of yours Matt is going to look and handle sweet with the American mount.

I just sent my dealers and retailers the first installment of the what's up newsletter and I'll be putting up some of it on the site's blog,  All you members here, head on over, check it out and please comment. 

Keep it safe this year!



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