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Here is a press release from today from Chesbro: Make communities equal partners

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Just recived this from jim Martin of the RFA.

Jim Martin, RFA

Begin forwarded message:

>  Here is a press release from today -
> Chesbro: Make communities equal partners in MLPA process
> SACRAMENTO - First District Assemblymember Wesley Chesbro (D-North Coast) released the following statement today on the process of establishing Marine Protected Areas under the Marine Life Protection  Act (MLPA).
> Over the past few months I have been hearing from numerous  constituents who have expressed strong concerns regarding the  development and implementation of MLPA plans for the North Coast and  North Central Coast.
> Because of this strong constituent concern, I am skeptical of the process that has been followed in developing proposed plans for these regions. The process must be based on sound science. I have been  saying, "show me the science." So far I'm not satisfied with the  answers I've been getting.
> As a state senator in 1999 who voted for the Marine Life Protection  Act, it is my belief that the MLPA will be a failure if the plans are implemented without the full involvement of all participants,  especially local community members and stakeholders.
> The economic health of local fishing communities must be balanced  with the need for habitat protection.
> Ruth Valenzuela
> Field Representative
> Assemblyman Wesley Chesbro
> 1st Assembly District
> 311 N. State Street
> Ukiah, CA  95482
> 707.463.5770 (phone)
> 707.463.5773 (fax)

    Thanks matt for the post. I always appreciate new news on the mlpa's. Will there be anymore meetings that can be attended? As a new group NCUWH's I would be willing to represent our group in any way i can

That is great to hear jason wish more people would get involved, As I hear of more info and meeting I will post.

Sweet! It's about time someone stepped up looking for facts and not just jumping on the "Rich old Lady" ban-wagon!

NorCal DiverDave:
Very well put. This is something I can get behind. They have my vote.


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