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Help Team USA at the Freediving World Championship
« on: July 25, 2014, 05:42:37 PM »
Help Team USA at the Freediving World Championship

Link to web site below:

We need your help to represent the United States at the Freediving World Championships in Italy!
Miami, Florida, United States   

Link to web site below:
What We're Here For
Freediving is one of the fastest growing athletic pursuits in the world, and the primary goal of the US National team is to represent the United States on the international stage.  We are here to gain your support that we may participate in one of the biggest international freediving competitions - the 2014 AIDA World Team Championship held in Sardinia, Italy from September 16-27th.  For those of you new to the sport, it's the World Cup of freediving.

If you would like to learn more about this amazing sport, click here.

What We Need + What You'll Get

Our overall goal for this round of funding is $18,720, and we have several levels of sponsorship available, each with specific rewards.  These funds will be used to cover transportation for the athletes as well as equipment transport/baggage fees and athlete entry fees.  This will not cover meals, lodging, or other personal expenses incurred during the competition.

Cost breakdown:
• Airfare, taxes, and baggage fees - $2,000 US per athlete

•Entry fees - $340 US per athlete

If the total funding goal is not met, all funds received will be divided evenly among athletes and applied to airfare, baggage fees, and entry fees.

We have some fantastic perks to offer all of our supporters, ranging from social media shout-outs, t-shirts, stickers, custom made jewelry and limited edition underwater prints.  For those interested in providing corporate sponsorship, we also offer rewards ranging from premier logo placement on team wetsuits banners, and t-shirts, as well as Ad space on the US National Team website and more.  So, who's excited!?

The Impact You Can Make

We do not have much time until the competition starts, but we are confident we can gain the support of the nation and we are very excited to represent our country on the world stage.  Like many of you, our team members are hard working men and women who do not have the means to make the trip to Italy, and so it will be through the generous support of new and existing fans that pave the way to our success.

This year's team is the strongest in the history of the United States.  Combined we hold over 6 national records and 3 world records.  We ask that you help us to make an even larger impact on the world scene, and allow us to hold our national flag high.

Risks & Challenges

Everyone knows that competing in any sport at an international level is no easy task.  Our team will be facing many challenges to both physical and mental capacities in the upcoming months.  We will be training our bodies to withstand pressures that were once believed to be fatal, our lungs learn to compress to less than 1/8 of their original size, and our heart rates will learn to drop at the sight of the water.  Yet, as challenging as the physical and mental hurdles will be, our greatest challenge still comes in the form of funding.

It is our hope that with your help we can alleviate this burden, so that we may focus on representing our country to the fullest.  We want nothing more than to give our best performances in Sardinia and show the world what we are made of.

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that not everyone has the ability to contribute financially, but that doesn't mean you cannot still help our cause.  Here are some other great ways you can contribute to our mission:
•Help us get the word out.  Make some noise, and let's get people excited!  Start by telling about our mission and by sharing this link with everyone - It's as simple as copy and paste -
•Don't forget you can also use the Indiegogo share tools!

Thank you all so much for your support, positive energy, and for taking the time to view our campaign.  With everyone's help, we will get the chance to show the world that we are made of.

Link to web site below:



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