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Ab ProLeash 101
« on: April 09, 2014, 11:45:28 AM »
Now that the weather seems to be a tad more favorable I've had a number of divers both new and "expert" asking about the use of leashes, specifically deploying them once you get to where you want to start your trophy hunt.  Here ya go-

The Ab ProLeashes are made of a material that resist's kinking so there's that headache out of the way.  Now regardless if you roll with a inner tube, a surf mat or a kayak, you can roll the leash up and stuff it into your mesh bag or zippered portion of your float. Pull it out and let it settle itself out.  Thing with that is now you have 35' or 50' of tubing floating around you and what with the kelp and all, who needs more to deal with?

Personally I just unwrap the Ab ProLeash on the beach and stuff my gauge it's attached to in my float, just let it follow along as I kick or paddle out.  It doesn't tangle or snag since there's no hardware on it and when you get to the spot it's already laying out there ready to go.  Once you have your limit of 10"s just stuff your iron or gauge back where it goes and kick back to the exit, roll up the leash in the shallows and bow to the applause of those on the beach.

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