Author Topic: 3/23 1st Annual Abalone, Spearfishing & Freediving Event @ Wallin's Dive Ctr  (Read 335 times)


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Sorry for the multi-post (this is also in the event section) but want to make sure you guys got the info for the big Wallin's Ab/Spearfishing event for next weekend. There's a PDF on the site you can download and forward to people not on the board. I will definitely be there stocking up for ab season.

Event Highlights
9:15am -9:45am - Performance Freediving International Seminar taught by Pacific Freedivers
(arrive by 9:15 to be entered in the raffle)

10:30am-11am Abalone Diving Tips & Tricks Seminar taught by David Laird

* Raffles every hour
* Large assortment of deeply discounted speargun shafts, tips & bands
* All Abalone Irons & Gauges on Sale (the Season opens on April 1st!)
* Spearfishing & Scuba Bargain Bins- most items under $10!
* Assorted wetsuits $49-$99, hooded vests $29, freediving suits 10-20% off
* Tons of other great freediving and spearfishing sale items, plus an amazing SCUBAPRO gear package for our scuba diving customers that includes a free wrist computer- Check out our event flyer for all the info!
* Register for an Open Water Class (or buy one for someone else) and get a $50 Gear Coupon!

More info at

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