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Help the Pacific Grove Hyperbaric Chamber
« on: January 31, 2013, 11:14:20 AM »
I'm at work, so I don't have time to put a lot of history down, but for Monterey area scuba divers, the PG chamber has long been the safety net on which we depended.  Turns out, bureaucracy made the good stop (again) and good people are needed to make it go.  Please forward this info on to scuba divers and dive shops who may not have gotten the intel on the ba_diving group:

Dear Fellow Divers;
Brian and I want to report to you about the meeting that was attended this afternoon by your MBNMS rep.
The meeting included reps. from the research dive community, City of Pacific Grove, NOAA,The chamber supervisors. and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation(a non-profit 501c3).

The chamber has been off line now for 8 months
The problems that face the chamber are being addressed.

1. Insurance
DAN will insure the chamber and the volunteers once the chamber is certified safe and operational.
Insurance will cost $5000 a year

2.The city of PG has agreed to cover workman's comp. to the volunteers

3.NOAA has offered to send chamber Techs. to address the need for new windows in the chamber.
Parts have been sourced. The labor is needed.DAN WILL THEN CERTIFY THE CHAMBER FOR OPERATION.

4.The Chamber has over $35,000 in a account with the City of Pacific Grove
This is just enough to do the work and certify the chamber as well as buy insurance.
That will likely drain the account .

5.The City of Pacific Grove has frozen the money until the chamber can show fiscal responsibility.
The city needs to see a budget and plan to fund the chamber in perpetuity.
The budget will be $10,000 a year. The supervisors are compiling the data for the city as we speak.

6.The research diving community including the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the universities in the area with diving programs have pledged to help financially.
This will prove to the City fathers and mothers that there is annual funding.

This leads me to my point. For the chamber to continue we need the help of the Recreational dive community. We are the group that requires the chamber most of all.
Our group by far out numbers all the others put together as far as bodies in the waters and we need your help.
To show the City that we can fund the chamber for the long haul I am asking that a donations be made with a promise of continuing annual support from our community.
In the short term individual donations are needed quickly with a promise in an attached letter that the contribution will continue annually.
In the long haul Our community will be creating fundraiser Gala events as well as in water "Chamber Days" .
These take time to plan and you will see them coming down the pike soon enough.
In the mean time Donations are needed now.

There are Two ways to get the money to the chamber;

1.) Checks Can be Made payable to; City of pacific Grove Recompresion chamber.
300 Forest Ave. Pacific Grove Ca. 93950
Atten; Cathy

2.) If you need to make your contributions to a 501c-3 or are distrustful of city government in general.
Please send the check payable to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Foundation. Please put PG hyperbaric chamber in the memo space.
99 Pacific St, Suite 455E Monterey CA. 93940
Atten; Dennis Long
Soon there will be a "donate here" button on the web site.

After donating you will receive a letter thanking you for your tax deductible donation.

Thanks very much for your help. Please forward the E-mail to as many as possible.
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