Author Topic: 9th annual Randy Fry Big X Memorial Freedive Tourney and Iron Diver Chef Comp!  (Read 12904 times)

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Thanks for a killer event Jim!  My daughter and I had a blast.  Great diving conditions, great people, great food, great times.  We dove the fingers just north of the winery on Sunday and had 30 feet of vis.  It was awesome. 

I hope this event keeps going every year despite the upcomming closure.



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Tom it was great hanging out and cooking with you I uploaded a few pics in my album of the event I will try to post them later.  Myrel
Myrel C. Willeford

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A Message from The Recreational Fishing Alliance NorCal Chapter:

Thanks for making the 9th Annual Randy Fry Big X Freedive Tourney and Iron Diver Chef cook-off a huge success!

This was definitely the best one ever. We fed a lot of people, had a great time, and lucked out on the weather. We raised over $5,000 for the RFA-NorCal Chapter, to maintain a consistent voice for the interests of anglers and divers here in Northern California.

Some of the things we'll be working on this coming year:

Abalone = DFG has got some alarming proposals to cut bag limits in half, seasonal and area closures again.

MLPA = we are working to make sure the "monitoring and evaluation" funds, $4 million on the north coast, are spent the right way.

Rockfish = defending the all-year spearfishing season, which RFA-NorCal was instrumental in winning.

Working with CENCAL, the Watermen's Alliance, SCAN and other groups, we helped get striped bass open for spearfishing, and this will begin on Jan. 1.

Without your support, none of this would be possible. The money goes to pay travel expenses to the important public hearings that decide our fishing rules, seasons, and bag limits.

Because you do support the Recreational Fishing Alliance = your voice has been heard for the past ten years.


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Yes what a great time and event !!!!  And man did NCUH represent well with Adam Sauv taking 2nd place, I took 3rd, Jason O'donnle took 4th the kicker is we all dove together and within 2oft of each other the whole day and Tony Vau taking 1ist in the pole spear and Mike Gomez taking 3rd in the big ab and Jo willerford cleaning up with 2 plaques her self. It was awesome hanging with everybody and the weather could not have been better here is a pic of the 4 of us. 




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