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Big Ling of the Year
« on: March 14, 2012, 09:15:30 PM »
So I am close to posting the rules of this event but this is the quick update:
Starting April 1 you can register at Sonoma Coast Dive Shop in Rohnert Park, for the competition, the entry fee will be $20.00 and the comp will run from April 1 to November 31. To have a qualifying fish you must already be registered before you physically go to the dive shop to have them weigh and measure your ling cod. This is the only way to prove the size and weight of the fish. Tom and Pam will be helping with this contest and in the coming weeks we will have more information on NCUWH and Spearboard to explain all the rules in more detail. There will a juniors, womens, and general division. The biggest ling will be determined by weight and not its length. First prize will go to the largest overall, then womens , then juniors and then the second largest fish and third largest fish. I have contacted many vendors and they have pledged their support and we should have at least two guns , and other dive gear as the top prizes. All of the money collected will be held by the dive shop until the end of the tournament , whereupon the proceeds will be donated to the RFA and Scan. Thanks for expressing your interests , as soon as we have more info I will post.


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