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Red Abalone Diving:
More on that Pt. Arena weather station, not the Pt. Arena buoy 17 miles NW of Pt. Arena or that matter all the 20 mile offshore buoys from from SF to the Pt. Arena buoy. Often what the wind and wave conditions indicated by the 20 mile offshore buoys are not what the coast/shore is seeing in actual conditions. A lot of the time the wind speeds from the twenty mile buoys can be less intense by half of the reported values of 20 mile buoys and good way to check that is see what the wind seed is at the Pt. Arena weather station located the Pt. Arena light house if the wind is ripping here my experience is it is ripping along the shore all the way to SF and beyond.

Thanks a lot for the quick response guys. Maybe now I won't be as surprised about the water conditions since I'll have a better idea as to what to expect.

Yay! ABS AND LINGS! soon anyways.

not sure if we had this site ?

This one has been pretty reliable for me, and you can click and point anywhere you want to get a realtively detailed forecast...

Like all forecasts though, you have to get down to the beach to really see what's going on...




That's the sight I use, Jim. It's always slightly exaggerated, though, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.


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