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Grilled Abalone
« on: June 01, 2011, 08:35:16 PM »
With the recent post on Grilled or BBQ abalone I thought I would share my Favorite Grilled or BBQ Abalone...

Pound fresh whole abalone, insert whole abalone in a clean sock which will allow you to hold the ab.... starting with shell foot side pound the foot until it gives, usually around 3-6 good wacks depending on will hear it and feel tilt the ab on it's size at a 45 degree angle and hit the sides all around the perimeter.  Now flip the ab over and hit the foot side in the same order.  The ab should be relatively limp  but not so over beaten it's split in two...

Now cut the ab perpendicular to the foot into .5" steaks.  Pound again lightly with a tenderizing hammer if you feel it needs a bit more...

Simmer some clarified butter (enough butter to cover the abalone, usually around 3-4 cubes) in a sauce pan until lightly bubbling (simmering), you do not want to burn the place the steaks into the simmering butter cook until you can easily put a fork into the ab steak easily, about 5 to 6 minutes or so.  Once you can place a fork into it easily take it out of the simmering butter and onto a plate lined with a napkin to soak up the extra butter...but I have to say the more butter the more better... :icon_cheers:

Once all the abalone has been through the simmering butter process you are now ready to Grill or BBQ the abalone.  This next step is quick and simple to get the Grill/BBQ flavor.  Just place steaks on grill long enough to get grill marks on each side (approximately 1-2 minutes a side). 

Serve and eat with bread, Uni, spaghetti, white wine, salad etc...and enjoy...

This is my ab solute ... :toothy5: favorite way to eat abalone...


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Re: Grilled Abalone
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Re: Grilled Abalone
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All this food talk, I wish the daily ab take limit was more than 3...  I can eat one all by myself... LOL maybe 4 a day would be nice with a slight increase in the yearly.

+1 on your recipe!

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Re: Grilled Abalone
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4 sticks of butter per ab .... this is a good recipe for the dairy industry  :icon_thumright:

Sound pretty tasty too
Bryan S.

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Re: Grilled Abalone
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4 sticks of butter per ab .... this is a good recipe for the dairy industry  :icon_thumright:

Sound pretty tasty too

As well as Cardiologists.   :laughing4:
Dad, what's for dinner?

Wookie steaks

Are they good?

Ehhh, they're a little Chewy.


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