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How to keep your mask from fogging up

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good things about spit...
1. It works great
2. You never run out
3.  If the mask fogs again, use more spit.
4.  it isn't a foreign chemical.

Kelp works too.

Hey Matt did you get your new Mask Yet ?

Uh yeah Matt, I was kidding bout the landlord.

Diver Dan:
I used to use the spit technique, and it worked pretty well, but lately have been grabbing some sea weed (usually bull kelp) and rubbing that on my lens.  Works great and lasts a long time, and there's always more of it if you begin to fog up!!!!!

Bob yes I did and it is awesome, I will post up a short vid latter today. and I never heard the kelp trick before you learn something new everyday !!!


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