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Mendo Burger
« on: April 24, 2011, 12:23:46 PM »
Didn't know where else to post this...

Last week, when at Mendocino Head, we went looking for food after finishing the ab workout.  Tooled around Mendocino and came across Mendo Burger tucked back off the main drag, near the Harvest Market grocery store.

In short, the burgers were excellent.  They were definately a little pricey, and the lower priced burgers were a little small for my "delicate" 280 lb frame, but they were tasty.  I got the chili burger, and the chili was downright yummy.  My brother got something with bacon and cheese, and it was good too.

They form their burgs there, from what tasted like premium beef.  They also had the real Coke, in bottles from Mexico, so that added icing to the cake.

Word of warning...unless you like steak fries, not very crispy, don't buy the fries.  They give you a lot for the full sized order, but they were definately on the limp side.

In short...give 'em a try!!  They were worth the money and the wait, and the local places could use our money right now.
Dad, what's for dinner?

Wookie steaks

Are they good?

Ehhh, they're a little Chewy.


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