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Re: Abalone Gifting
« Reply #15 on: April 15, 2011, 01:47:06 PM »
AHAHHAHAHHAHHAAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHA extra limit....   have I ever seen extra limit out in the clam beds?  because I sure do see alot of kids out there clamming.

Yeah, but most of those kids are "clamming". And they can't gift extra limit on the same day..

When my wife finally gives permission for my kid to dive abs, he WILL get his own.  I may bird dog them for him, but he will pull them, following all DFG laws and rules.
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Wookie steaks

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Re: Abalone Gifting
« Reply #16 on: April 15, 2011, 02:13:52 PM »
Just to be clear - it is 3 in possession per person. So if you are diving alone, you cannot pull 3 for 2 days in a row, and drive home with 6. If you have a non-diver with you, then you can gift your first 3 to that person, then get 3 more and go home with six, as long as you have a second person with you. 3 people, then 3 per day to go home with 9.

And you shouldn't have any at home in the freezer either if you are going home with a limit, unless you have grandma or a kid at home who you have already gifted them to.

Technically, if you have 6 abs in the car, and stop at the gas station, and your passenger gets out to piss, then you can be sited for being over the possession limit. Tell them to take their abs along in the bathroom ;)

That's why I gifted away my 3 Saturday abs at the meet n' greet, so I could get 3 more on Sunday.



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